Thursday, December 9, 2010

Loving on Pilaf

Yesterday, even though bed ridden, felt the need to cook. Katie posted about a pilaf using oats and it sounded so yummy and tummy warming, so I had to try it. I tweaked it and used regular butter and added some rosemary. I haven't been able to get enough of it! It even made an appearance at breakfast this morning.

Egg white omelet with broccoli, cheese and tomatoes paired with Katie's pilaf. Oh, I also had a banana- but most of it got eaten before I had a chance to snap this shot. :)

I also made a microwaved "Single Lady" Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin. YUM. I really liked the taste and the ease, but it seemed really dense. This could be because of the microwaving, so I'll try it in the oven soon and hopefully that will resolve the problem.

BACK TO PILAF!!! No, it wasn't only at my breakfast this morning. Yesterday's lunch and dinner got some pilaf lovin' too.

Stir fried veggies and the pilaf for lunch. I may or may not have licked the plate.

Dinner was a veggie and cheese quesadilla with a pilaf stuffed bell pepper.

I went to the doctor today. It's supposedly a sinus infection. I hate when you feel so much worse than what your doctor says is wrong with you. Oh well. School tomorrow. Yay, catching up. :(

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